Coltop3D is a full featured software for the structural geological analyses of 3D point clouds. It is designed for the interactive analysis of geological structures from high-resolution LiDAR or photogrammetric 3D point clouds and digital elevation models at local and regional scale.

Available from Terranum since 2011, the Coltop3D software is no longer commercialised or distributed since September 2023.

For existing Coltop3D customers, Terranum maintains its support. Please contact us using the form on


Input Data

Coltop3D can import LIDAR and photogrammetry point clouds and Digital Elevation Models. The software computes for each point an estimation of its orientation.

Structural Analysis

Coltop3D is a powerful tool for extracting and highlighting structural features, thanks to its unique selection tool. Selected data can be shown on Stereonet plots and basics statistics are computed.

Data Visualization

Coltop3D provides many types of coloring schemes, notably its outstanding combination of a Stereonet plot and a computer graphics Hue-Saturation-Luminosity wheel. Hence, any Dip/Dip direction is mapped to a unique color. Structural features (joints, faults, folds) are easily detected.

Data Exporting

Coltop3D provides an easy mechanism for exporting data to third party software. Data format can be completely customized by the user.


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Scientific reference

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