Geology and Environment

With backgrounds in traditional, quaternary, environmental and engineering geology, Terranum offers scientific and technical expertise in geology and the environment in a variety of subjects:

  • Traditional geological mapping in the field and on GIS
  • Detailed study of Quaternary geology with field mapping and GIS analyses
  • Structural studies at local and regional scales in the field and on DEMs
  • Manual mapping, modelling and advanced interpretation on GIS
  • Statistical analysis and spatial interpolation of 3D data
  • Modelling of 3D horizons of regional geological structures
  • GIS vectorisation of existing printed maps
  • Agronomic mapping of agricultural and forest soils

Fields of Expertise

Traditional and Quaternary geology

Coupling traditional field mapping with a high level of expertise in digital and GIS tools, Terranum carries out geological surveys focused mainly on surface and subsurface formations, structural analyses and Quaternary mapping. Working independently or as part of a consortium, Terranum also carries out complete updates of existing 1:25’000 national geological maps.

GIS modelling, geostatistics and spatial interpolation

With its extensive knowledge of GIS tools and digital modelling, Terranum benefits from solid experience in carrying out statistical studies at regional scales and interpolations to recreate a geological surface in 3D (faults, top of bedrock, Quaternary thickness, etc.).

Environment and agronomy

Experienced and sensitive to environmental issues, Terranum uses its expertise in GIS methods, remote sensing and data processing to map natural features (such as canopy cover, anthropogenic areas, human populations, etc.). In addition to its cartographic experience, Terranum has in-depth knowledge of the regulations, practices and needs of Swiss agriculture. Terranum also carries out agronomic studies, mapping and interpreting various soil indices over an entire territory (soil coverage rate, annual growth rate, etc.).