Natural Hazards

Based on its scientific and technical expertise, Terranum carries out complete consulting works in the field of natural hazards, from regional detection to site-specific modelling, with:

  • Regional susceptibility mapping
  • Detailed field investigations
  • Advanced GIS processing
  • Monitoring and change detection using LiDAR, InSAR, GPS or geotechnical instrumentation
  • Pre-failure landslide conceptual modelling
  • Slope stability and Safety-Factor assessment
  • 2D and 3D runout modelling
  • Hazard mapping
  • Quantitative risk assessment and management

Fields of Expertise

Susceptibility mapping of gravitational hazards at a regional scale

Susceptibility mapping of gravitational hazards can be carried out by modelling potential source areas and runout, based on advanced geographic information system (GIS) processing and remote sensing data, such as aerial and mobile LiDAR, spaceborne RaDAR interferometry, aerial imaging. It aims at detecting, at a regional scale, sectors that can be potentially affected by slope instabilities, such as large slope deformations, shallow landslides, rockfalls, rock avalanches, debris flows and snow avalanches.

Hazard and Stability Assessment

Hazard and stability assessments of single slope deformations can be carried out, based on detailed field mapping, destabilization and triggering factors assessment, landslide kinematic modelling, displacement monitoring (terrestrial LiDAR, Ground-Based InSAR, GNSS, extensometers, inclinometers, etc.), 2D and 3D runout modelling, and/or Safety Factor computations.

Landslide monitoring

Terranum is carrying out complete and optimized landslide monitoring, from the design and acquisition to the final interpretation and recommendation. In addition to classic geotechnical tools such as inclinometers, extensometers or piezometers, Terranum is dealing with high-level monitoring systems in association with: CSG Srl and its multi-parametric geotechnical column DMS™, Ellegi Srl and its GB-InSAR device LiSALab™ and the University of Lausanne for LiDAR and GNSS facilities.

Dealing with risk and early warning system

Hazard maps and quantitative risk assessments can be performed for all landslide types. Early Warning Systems (from field setup to data analysis and alarm sending) can be designed according to your needs.


Rockfalls in Bex

LiDAR acquisitions, delimitation and monitoring of instable rock compartments in gypsum cliff in Bex (Switzerland)

2017-2018 | Canton of Vaud, Switzerland

Rock avalanche susceptibility map (Vaud)

Inventory mapping of large rock slope instabilities in the Jura and the Alpes by visual interpretation of morpho-structural evidences of post-glacial deformations, volume and runout modelling

2017 - 2018 | Canton of Vaud, Switzerland

Rotary rockslide

3D modelling, structural, geological cross-section and pre-failure stage monitoring of the Rotary rockslide in Fribourg city

2016 | Canton of Fribourg, Switzerland