GIS and Software

With years of experience in GIS and software development for geosciences, including Flow-R, AtmoSwing, ToolMap and Coltop3D, Terranum offers personal solutions adapted to your needs. Tailor-made developments can be made in the following areas:

  • Development or adaptation of hydrological models
  • Management and dynamic analysis of hydro-meteorological time series
  • Creation of WebGIS platforms
  • Creation of Python modules for geoscience applications
  • Development of software integrating a GIS engine
  • Development of models based on artificial intelligence
  • Support for GIS data management in public administrations
  • Creation of customised GIS scripts and routines
  • Development of relational geodatabases

In detail

Development of specific applications for geosciences

Terranum provides tailor-made software solutions for geology, hydrology, meteorology and geomatics in various programming languages (C++, Python, Julia, web development stack) and environments (multi-platform, Windows, Linux, web). Our applications can perform complex calculations, integrate the management of geodatabases and time-series, or incorporate a GIS interface.

Support for GIS data management and creation of scripts and routines

Terranum supports public administrations in managing GIS data. To automate or simplify GIS analyses or process very large datasets, Terranum develops custom GIS scripts and routines in Python or FME for QGIS or ArcGIS platforms. These routines can combine existing GIS functions with routines specifically created to meet your needs.

Design, management and harmonisation of geodatabases

Terranum develops relational geodatabases combining spatial and tabular data for QGIS or ArcGIS platforms (MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite databases). Terranum also supports the management, migration and updating of databases, or the harmonisation of geodata from different sources to make them compatible with a final database.

Elaboration of models based on artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence techniques (machine learning, deep learning) offer new prospects for geoscience applications when sufficient data is available. Terranum is skilled for the development of such tools and their application in the field of geosciences. We can develop and train models such as random forests, neural networks (NN), convolutional neural networks (CNN), long short-term memory (LSTM), or transformers using TensorFlow or PyTorch.