Hydrology and Meteorology

With our broad experience in hydrology and related fields, Terranum offers scientific and technical expertise in hydrology and meteorology in a variety of topics:

  • Development, calibration and operational use of hydrological models
  • Regional susceptibility mapping of hydrological hazards
  • Modelling of static flooding and surface runoff
  • Statistical forecasting of precipitation using an optimised analogue method
  • Modelling the impact of global warming on hydrological systems
  • Climate analyses and exploitation of large climate datasets
  • Development of AI-based models (deep learning) in hydrology and climate
  • R&D projects in hydrology and climate
  • Real-time management of meteorological data from measuring stations

In detail

Hydrological modelling and mapping

Terranum has considerable knowledge in hydrology, particularly in the fields of hydrological modelling, flooding and surface runoff. We have developed strong expertise in the development of conceptual hydrological models and hydraulic models, as well as deep learning models applied, for example, to the impact of surface runoff on buildings. Terranum also has solid experience in modelling the impact of global warming, particularly on hydrological regimes.

Statistical precipitation forecasts

Terranum is at the forefront of statistical precipitation forecasting using the analogues method and AI-driven deep learning techniques. Our AtmoSwing software provides automatic operational precipitation forecasts and a user-friendly display of the results. It is used by several hydrological services for flood forecasting. In addition, our forecasts are custom calibrated with our unique tool for the global optimisation of the analogue method using genetic algorithms. The adoption of deep learning methods enables us to forecast precipitation fields with a reliable representation of extreme events.