Founded in May 2011, Terranum Sàrl develops rock-solid expertise for natural hazards, geology, hydrology, GIS, 3D and LiDAR measurements, and customized software for the geoscience community.

All Terranum’s partners come from the Institute of Earth Sciences at the University of Lausanne. As universitary spin-off, the constant research of advanced and original solutions are fully embedded in Terranum’s genes.

For more information about Terranum, please download our fact sheet in English or in German.

Contact Us

Rue de l’Industrie 35 bis
1030 Bussigny

Dr Clément Michoud
GEOLOGY, Natural Hazards, GIS, 3D Measurement, InSAR


Dr Pascal Horton
FLOW-R, Hydrology, Meteorology, GIS, AtmoSwing


Dr Richard Metzger
COLTOP3D, Software Development, WebGIS, Hydrology

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