Geology and Hydrology

With skilled engineering geologists and hydrological engineers, Terranum provides scientific and technical expertise in geology, hydrology and meteorology on various topics:

  • Quaternary geology mapping
  • Structural geology at local and regional scales
  • Advanced GIS mapping and processing
  • Records and interpretation of cuttings and cores
  • Rainfall and water table monitoring
  • Static flood and water runoff modelling
  • Statistical precipitation forecasting
  • Optimization of the analogue method

Fields of Expertise


By coupling traditional field works and advanced GIS skills, Terranum provides relevant geological consulting works related to superficial formations, quaternary mapping, structural analyses or engineering geology.


The team has a large expertise in hydrology, particularly in floods or surface runoff modelling. Several solutions in hydrology have also been developed.


Terranum is at the cutting edge of the statistical precipitation forecasting by means of the analogue method. The AtmoSwing software can provide automatic operational forecasting that is easy to implement and user-friendly on the results. Moreover, we have a unique tool to provide a global optimization of the analogue method by means of Genetic Algorithms, which is fully automatic and objective.


Quaternary layer thickness map

Manual merge of the 4 existing models of depth of the rock layer top, update with recent drilling data, and extraction of the quaternary layer thickness map.

2017 - 2018 | Canton of Vaud, Switzerland

Rotary rockslide

3D modelling, structural, geological cross-section and pre-failure stage monitoring of the Rotary rockslide in Fribourg city

2016 | Canton of Fribourg, Switzerland


Creation of a hydrological database for the Canton of Jura

2013-2017 | Canton du Jura, Switzerland